Saturday, May 19, 2012

Summer Fun Plan

Okay, here it is, after much researching the web, surveying friends, pulling together all the resources I already have, I finally have a plan for summer fun for the kids. Last summer we did home school complete with color coded days of the week folder and worksheets and a schedule of activities. This summer we're taking a different approach. I'm still planning on keeping a routine because my kids act better when they know what to expect and it keeps them busier so they don't whine all day that they're bored and having nothing to do.

You can print a free copy of my generic schedule here and I have linked the other activities throughout this post if you would like to use them. It goes something like this.

7     TV or play until Breakfast & Devotion
8      Brain Games
10    Play Outside
11    Lunch
12   Monday = Craft Project
       Tuesday = Library
      Wednesday = Cooking
      Thursday = Service Project
      Friday = Go Somewhere Fun
2     Free Play
4     Tidy Up
5    Dinner
6    Play with Dad
8    Bath, Books, Bed

In case you are wondering "Brain Games" was my idea of calling educational activities something more fun than homework. I printed these tokens that list educational games and activities some on the ipod, some actual games, some from workbooks. I cut them out using a 1.5" circle punch and also cut out circles from free paint chips, glued them together and laminated. Allowing the kids to pick their own colors of paint chips helps distinguish which ones are level appropriate for them and also separates language and writing activities from math. They will each draw one token from each color group (1 language, 1 math) and do the activity during Brain Games time. I will work with them on their activities but this allows them to feel like they have some choice on what they get to do instead of me just dishing out the worksheets all summer.

Each afternoon we have a different project each day. I won't take time to retype them all since you can print the complete list of crafts, recipe ideas, service projects, and fun places to go. Many of them were inspired by things I pinned on Pinterest. You could add hundreds of things you could do with your family just by doing a quick search of "family fun" at Pinterest.

So that's my plan. It's really not as complicated as it may look. I encourage you to make your own plan so you can be prepared for the kids being home all day. Even planning the daily project activities in advance allows you to make sure you have all the supplies so you're not having to cancel the fun or make a rushed trip to the store with kids in tow to get stuff. Also, by the time I factor in Vacation Bible School, swimming lessons, drama camp, and vacation, I'm really only planning about 6 weeks worth of stuff to do. Pretty easy to do when you've got a plan and makes life so much more joyful!

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