Saturday, June 16, 2012

Walk a Little Slower Daddy

I had a hard enough time trying to help my kids pick out a father's day gift for my husband so I don't have a top ten list of great gifts for you this year. I heard on the radio today that surveys say that what Dad's really want most is appreciation. They want to hear that you're proud of them and that they are doing something right. 

For the last few years, in my three year old Sunday School class, I have been doing this craft on Father's day that I thought I would share with you. We make a footprint of each child with white tempera paint on black paper then we paste on a copy of this beautiful poem. I do not know the author of this poem to give them credit, but I wanted to share it with you anyway. Tissues ready? 

"Walk a little slower daddy," said a child so small. 
"I'm following in your footsteps and I don't want to fall. 

Sometimes your steps are very fast, 
Sometimes they're hard to see; 
So walk a little slower, Daddy, 
For you are leading me. 

Someday when I'm all grown up, 
You're what I want to be; 
Then I will have a little child 
Who'll want to follow me. 

And I would want to lead just right, 
And know that I was true; 
So, walk a little slower, Daddy, 
For I must follow you."

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