Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Handy Homemaker Tip #1

Many homes now have trash can drawers in the kitchen. I love having a dedicated and contained space for the kitchen garbage, however..... well, it gets gross! In fact, I'm too embarrassed to make a "before" picture of what mine looked like before I spent a half and hour scrubbing on it. Let's just imagine beige pained wood drawer splattered with ketchup, BBQ, half eaten chicken nuggets, gum and a yogurt cup that missed the can. Yuck!

In searching every store imaginable I have not found a trash can that perfectly fits my storage drawer so I use a plastic one that fits vertically and leaves room on the sides to get the trash bag on and off but slides around when the drawer is open and closed. AH HA! Right there's the problem because when in slides to the back of the drawer and tiny tot (or any of us) opens the drawer to throw away his sticky candy he can't see over the top of the drawer and thus just throws it in, missing the can.

I have tried lining the bottom of the drawer with paper towels, foil, and wax paper but they all just end up all bunched up and covered in goo because of the sliding can problem. Here's the cheap and quick fix - Glad Press & Seal! You can buy a roll at the local grocery store for around $3 a roll. It is slightly sticky on the back which means it won't slide around and get all bunched up. I got a little carried away and lined the bottom and sides of the trash drawer and the bottom of the cabinet the drawer goes in. It took about 10 minutes which is a lot less time than it took me to clean it. When it gets dirty just peel it off and toss it and cover it with clean press & seal.

This was inspired by a picture (below) that I saw on Pinterest where someone used this stuff to line their refrigerator shelves for the same reason. It's cheaper that shelf paper and your not stuck with duck print plastic that peals off the paint when you want to remove it.
Line fridge shelves with Saran Wrap’s Press and Seal paper, then peel off and replace when dirty.  Genius!
pinned from Jen Rupnow via Stephanie Angrisani  Worthington

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