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10 Mother's Day Gifts Under $10

When I was a new mother, my husband didn’t know he was supposed to get me a mother’s day gift from our new baby. After all, I’m not his mother. But as the mother of our children I wanted to celebrate motherhood. Since then, he and our boys have come up with some pretty amazing and memorable mother’s day gifts. 

So if you’re a dad who has waited until the last minute, or didn’t know you were supposed to do something for the mother of your children, here’s a list of 10 things for under $10 each that every mother would love to get. If you’re a mom reading this and have a sneaking suspicion that your hubby or kids forgot, email this link to them as a little hint. 

rose bushJust about every woman loves flowers. Sure you could pick up a bouquet of roses at the drug store with your Sunday newspaper and she would love them for about a week until they die and she has to throw them out and clean the vase. Or you could buy her a rose bush for under $10 in her favorite color that you could plant for her and let her enjoy for years to come. My boys each gave me a rose bush two years ago and I still see and love them every time I pull in the driveway. 

One thing no mom should be without is a tape dispenser. I know this sounds a little quirky but trust me, if she doesn’t have one she needs it! You’ve probably heard mom say she felt like she needed 4 hands when wrapping presents, taping kid’s projects, etc. Well, a tape dispenser solves any tape emergency by allowing her to quickly dispense tape with a single hand and the tape doesn’t stick to itself causing a tape disaster as it takes forever to find the end of the clear tape. A good little tape dispenser costs around $4 to $8 at any office supply store or Wal-Mart. 

family fingerprint charmSure you see a zillion commercials for jewelry stores selling fancy mom necklaces and charm bracelets around Mother’s Day but how often do you really see women wearing this stuff the rest of the year? I love things that are homemade and on Mother’s Day homemade jewelry is no exception. Whether you have a toddler who can string fruit loops and macaroni or you want to try your kids hands at clay finger print charms the options are only limited to your imagination. No imagination? A quick browse of handmade jewelry at pinterest or Etsy should give ample inspiration. Visit your local craft supply store for ideas and instructions.

If organization is her thing, get her some gorgeous and practical glass canisters. These are both beautiful and good for the environment being made of recycled glass. She could use these for storing food, craft supplies, sewing supplies, snacks, beauty items, or just about anything else. Don’t want to give her an empty jar? Fill it up with her favorite chocolate. Every woman needs chocolate! Delicious dark chocolate is even heart healthy! Like I say, a truffle a day keeps the grumpies away! My husband’s probably thinking he should buy me a lifetime supply then (lol)! 

tea party giftEspecially when a mom is the only girl in the house or is outnumbered by boys, candles make a nice sweet smelling gift. Just make sure it’s a light, girly, floral scent and not something that smells like food, laundry detergent, or bathroom cleaner. That would only remind her of stuff she has to do every day. The opportunity to make even one room in the house smell fresh and feminine will do wonders to cheer her up. You could even try homemade candles if she has some that have burned the entire wick but left the wax. Melt down the remaining wax over low heat in a dollar store pot (not her best cookware) pour it into a pretty glass or tea cup add a new wick and ta-da it’s an up cycled candle!

Re-useable grocery bags are becoming more and more trendy as moms are looking to be more eco-friendly. Another great homemade project for under $10 is canvas bags. You can find these plain at the craft section at Wal-Mart or any craft store and a set of fabric markers is all you need to make a gift that will last and last. Have the kids draw a picture, trace their hands, or write their names. Be sure to put the year on them somewhere as these bags will far outlast the kids wanting to draw sweet pictures for mom. Simply put them in the drier for a few minutes when they finish to “set” the ink and they are ready to give. What a great way to make her smile every time she’s shopping for the family and sees her kids’ sweet drawings. 

Aprons are a very retro inspired gift. I love wearing aprons at home. It’s kind of like the uniform of a homemaker who loves her job. Pretty aprons are everywhere. You could spend $20-$30 on beautiful aprons at Anthropology or Sur LaTable or World Market. Or you could shop antique stores to find a real vintage apron for less. Even cheaper for under $10 you could have your kids color her an apron (same as the canvas bags). 

You could give mom an expensive 30 minute spa treatment or you could get her some new towels to make her have that spa-like feeling every day. Really, what’s better than starting your day with fresh fluffy towels after a warm shower? It’s the little things that make a big difference. Fresh new towels to replace the stained, hole worn, towels you got when you were married ** years ago are well, a good thing. 

Going along with that spa theme is another great gift just for mom – pajamas. I’m talking about the oh so soft cotton jammies or gown (whichever she prefers) that she wishes she could stay in all day. Refrain from buying anything with words on it – she’s used up all her words by bedtime and just wants some peace and quiet! Go for cute, modest, and comfortable, not valentines lingerie or teen style boxers & cami’s. My husband picked out pj’s from the kids last year and I still love them! Good quality cotton lasts and lasts.

So that’s my list of suggestions. Most of all be sincere and remember to tell her you love her not only for all she does but also for who she is. 

1. Flowers that grow 
2. Tape dispenser 
3. Homemade jewelry 
4. Glass canisters 
5. Chocolate! 
6. Candles 
7. Canvas bags 
8. Apron 
9. Towels 
10. Pajamas

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