Monday, January 3, 2011

New Year Challenge!

Some of you have already had a challenging new year. Others are setting goals to challenge themselves in new ways. Many will resolve to lose weight, get in shape, read more, save more, or spend less. Here is fresh idea for a challenge everyone can do and it doesn't cost you a thing. My friend, Leslie, has started a blog to challenge us to memorize 100 key Bible scriptures. Memorize them in any translation you like. What better way to create a new you than to hide God's words in your heart? I challenge you to follow along with her blog at this year and memorize these passages as a way of weaving the living breathing Word of God into every fiber of your being. You will be changed! Are you still doubting you can follow through? Get some accountability by asking a buddy to follow along with you and pray for God to give you the perseverance to keep trying. You will be amazed at how many times these scriptures will pop into your mind throughout the day as you practice committing them to memory. Be blessed this year by the memorizing of God's word!

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