Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Christmas Card Ornaments

 Okay, so I know Christmas is 11 months away but I saw this craft on my friend's blog I follow and wanted to share it with you here. The photo above and the instructions below are from the very creative Lois Dorrell on her blog Dorrell Delineations.  Ever wonder what to do with the piles of beautiful Christmas cards you get each year? Why not transform them into these beautiful ornaments.  They can be done in various sizes and you can even use the pictures to tell a story. That makes me think...what if I used a theme of pictures to tell the Easter story and used one of these "card balls" as a teaching tool for preschool Sunday School class! You can even enlist the kids to help trace the circles using coins or a stencil for the triangles. A scrapbook circle punch would make this faster and more even for sure. Adorable!

A "card ball" is made up of circles cut from old Christmas cards...then you draw an equilateral triangle on the back of the circle and fold them on the lines and then glue them together...five circle/triangles make up the top and the bottom and ten around the middle. Once you get really "good" at doing this you can make the center and the bottom have all the pictures be right side up...you have to have 10 "right-side-up" triangles and 10 "upside-down" triangles.

UPDATE 1/2012:  I found another version of a Christmas Card ornament on Pinterest. This one was for sale custom made at  tipsywhimseyart on ETSY but you could easily make this with a little patience. So many people send photo cards for Christmas now that this is a sweet way to remember them and watch them grow through the years. Use a small to medium round punch to cut out the faces of people on the cards then glue them individually to a inexpensive foam ball found in the craft or floral section of your local store. Start at the bottom and work your way to the top of the ornament for the pine cone look and attach a ribbon as a hanger with a straight pin. 
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