Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Weekend Sewing Projects

I love my husband. He not only went with me to the fabric store last weekend, he also played with the boys so I could sew in peace. How divine.

I just finished some baby projects for my best friend in GA, although I forgot to make pictures before I mailed them. Hopefully I'll get some photos of the baby with them once he's born. ;) So while the sewing machine was out I decided to give baby clothes a try. I'm mostly self taught in sewing and can do just about anything with straight lines. I've made blankets, quilts, burp cloths, pillows, curtains, toys, etc. but haven't ventured into clothing much. I found a pattern for a itty bitty baby dress and when I found this fabulous fall print fabric I had to give it a try for my friend's baby girl. I loved it so much I almost wanted to make one for a doll since I don't have a girl to dress up. It only took about 3 hours start to finish which I thought was pretty good for a newbie to sewing clothes like me.

Next, my darling husband picked out some fabric he liked and asked me to make him a pillow to take on work trips (kids camp, mission trips, various other children's ministry things). It is cool and fun and most importantly, washable! It is made like an envelope pillow sham so that it will stay on the pillow when getting tossed about. I had to make my own pattern for this one but it was fairly simple and only took about 45 minutes to sew together.

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