Monday, September 19, 2011

Craft-full weekend

Friday my creative husband found an old unused stainless steel table and re-purposed it for a bench for our sons desk. The kids love it because it looks cool and has wheels. I love it because I don't have to drag a chair from another room to sit beside them to help with homework - there's room for two!

Saturday we (the boys helped) made a wreath. I didn't have a wreath form so we used an old towel folded in half lengthwise then half again then twist into a circle and tape ends together with duct tape. And the best part - it's free! Then we wrapped it in yarn and I cut out the flowers from felt and pinned them on with straight pins. Finally, I hot glued some old buttons in the centers of the flowers and hung it with ribbon. I liked this project because it is totally uncommitted. When I get tired of it the whole thing can be disassembled and reused for something else. The only thing hot glued together are the buttons and felt flowers. Cheap, easy, recyclable!

I also made another baby dress for my friend's baby.  I found black and pink fabric that I loved so I sewed a skirt onto the top part of a black onesie and made a belt out of white and black ribbon. 

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