Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Homeschool Lessons - Week 2

Things are going much easier this week now that our stuff is organized and we have a designated place to play school. I say "play" school because I do not consider myself a trained teacher and what I'm doing teaching my one child preschool doesn't even compare in my mind to what the hundreds of awesome home school parents that teach multiple children birth through high school are doing. However, EVERYTHING I do matters to God according to His word. So every little thing I do should be done as unto the Lord.

Lessons I've learned this week:

  • If you're giving it your best effort, you will likely spend way more time preparing the lessons than your child will actually spend doing them.
  • There is literally TONS of good preschool material available...and you don't have time to do it all! Pick and choose what works best for your individual child and how they enjoy learning.
  • The goal of 3 year old preschool should be to teach kids to love to learn as much as it is to learn the ABC's and 123's. So make it fun!
Products that have helped us:
(I do not get paid to review any toys or materials, this is just my humble opinion offered to help anyone in the same life phase as me.)

  • In the 3rd picture above you can see my child using the Crayola® Dry-Erase Activity Center which is awesome because it saves you from having to laminate all the great activities you want to be able to re-use. You just slip in any letter size page and let them draw away with dry erase markers. It comes with 4 markers, an eraser, and several activity pages including alphabet tracing and handwriting practice lines. 
  • In the first two pictures we are using wooden color cubes purchased in the craft section at Hobby Lobby for less than $2. We used them for counting, graphing, sorting, color recognition, and building. So many uses and my son loves to learn by doing so these are so fun for his little hands to use. 

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