Friday, April 1, 2011

Project Complete!



About a month ago, the Brady Family, offered us a swing set from their back yard that their own kids had outgrown. Now understand that when their children got this set it was a hand-me-down from someone else, they loved and played on it for ten years or so and now it is handed down to our children who will hopefully love it and play on it for another few years. I went to see it at their house first with the kids and without my husband. I could see it had potential even though it was partially disassembled and laying in pieces on the ground, so I accepted it gladly. A few weeks later when my husband and a buddy went to pick it up he couldn’t believe I had said yes! They couldn’t even figure it out how to get it out of their back yard without taking it completely apart or taking down a fence. Nevertheless, a week later and a with the help of a few more good men they got it apart and to our yard. It is so heavy! My “handy” husband bought some new wood and repaired and showed some much needed love to this well used swing set and made it nice and safe. He added a climbing wall and a pulley with rope to raise their bucket of “treasures” to the top of the fort. The kids were already loving it. Then he borrowed a power washer and cleaned the whole thing and finally today, we all gave it a fresh coat of paint. It’s far from new but our kids think it’s the best playhouse in the whole world! Thank you Brady family and thank you Stanley (and friends) for bringing it back to life.

DSCN3101 “I can’t believe you said yes to this project!”

DSCN3106 It came together with Stanley and a few good men.

DSCN3107 “I love power tools!”

DSCN3109 It’s getting there.

DSCN3126 Looks almost new

DSCN3132 I helped paint (a little)

DSCN3133 The kids helped paint too!

DSCN3135 Good as new!


  1. I love it-
    we used to have one like that but some people took it down:(

    Have fun,

  2. Nice job...I bet that was a big project....Brandon took about 6 months to build ours!

  3. Looks great! Love reading about your family. Hope you all are doing well!