Sunday, May 25, 2014

Everything is Awesome!

Our oldest son just had his 9th birthday! He's had a year full of change, some good, some hard, but he has persevered and has grown stronger because of it. All he wanted since he saw the Lego Movie in February was to have a Lego Movie birthday party. Awesome! I thought that would be easy. A few friends over to watch the movie, play legos..... Well the movie was delayed coming out on DVD and doesn't come out til mid June. Ok, well no movie but my hubby had the bright idea of getting the Lego Movie video game instead. Nope, they don't make it for the Wii we have. All of this coupled with the fact he still has broken toes that prevent him from doing all the other stuff he wanted to do like laser tag, swimming, hiking, baseball, etc.  was stressing me out! I just wanted my son to have the awesome birthday he wanted!! I pinterested, I planned, I shopped, I baked, I made a pinata! and then I realized I was making a huge error. I realized I was more worried about his guests having an awesome time so they would think my son is awesome. Ughhh. My son IS awesome!!! He is not only kind, thoughtful, funny, crazy smart, and fun, he is redeemed by our Father, Jesus Christ.  Why worry about what others think? All that mattered was that as I watched him playing master builder with his four buddies and giggling eating at the taco Tuesday bar, and tearing into the pinata, he couldn't stop smiling. He had a great birthday! At the end of the day, that's all that really matters.

Made a ramp to race lego cars out of some leftover insulation foam board and a pool noodle.

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