Thursday, January 30, 2014

Snow Break

Well who knew after our little trip north last weekend to see the snow we'd have snow at our own house just a few days later. The kids got out of school early on Tuesday then were out all day Wednesday and Thursday. Tomorrow is delayed start due to icy roads. We really enjoyed our little mini-break playing in the snow. We probably got about 2 inches of snow when it was all said and done.
 We love sledding on the long hills in our neighborhood and yard!

 It was great to have neighborhood kids to play with between 4 families we had 9 kids!

 This snow was too powdery to build a snow-anything so we put water and food coloring in balloons, let it freeze, then cut away the balloons and stacked them into sculptures. Looks cool.

 We made "maple candy" like on little house on the prairie. It's basically maple syrup and brown sugar boiled to hard candy temp then poured on snow. It freezes instantly making this hard candy that kinda taste like butterscotch.

 It was snow much fun!
Well at least on the first day when we played outside almost all day and had friends over for chili and chocolate chip cookies!

Today the snow was melting a little and it was still very cold! Our baby didn't go out much, complained of headache and just wanted to lay around watching cartoons mostly. When he woke up from his cat-nap he had a fever over 100 and we went to urgent care to find out he has strep throat. What a rotten way to end a fun snow break! No school for him tomorrow. Poor little guy.

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