Friday, January 10, 2014

Fighting the January Blahs...

It's January. The time after being home together for the holidays when everyone has to go back to school and work in the just barely above freezing rain to face a ridiculous amount of homework and projects and testing. It's the time when new year's resolutions have lost there resolve and apathy sets in. Until now....

We started a new series in Kids Zone this month called "Blast Off" by New Spring Church. We are using this theme for both preschool and children's worship and the kids are really getting into it. I love the look on the kids faces when they come in and see a new set. It's like VBS every eight weeks but on a smaller scale. It warms my heart to see my own kids excited about getting to go to church. We are learning about God's Promises each week and it's a good reminder to me too that God has a plan and He ALWAYS keeps his promises. For grade school, Stanley is incorporating the promises of into Children's Church. They are learning God's rules in the 10 Commandments, how God's Plan is revealed in the 7 days of creation, God's plan for me is as easy as ABC, and there's only 1 True God. 

What better way to start off the New Year than to be laying a firm foundation of faith for your children that will last for eternity.

"I'm in the Lord's army!"

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