Sunday, December 15, 2013

West Texas

We recently went to Texas to visit family and had a great trip. The first two days were gorgeous days of 70+ degree weather. We got to go visit my husband's 91 year old grandmother and our son interviewed her about what it was like growing up in West Texas. He was surprised to hear she didn't have electricity or plumbing or a phone until she was a teenager. We ran through the cotton fields and even got to go see a real cotton gin and learned how they separate the seeds from the cotton and turn it into bales. We saw the gigantic wind turbines and the seemingly endless blue sky.

Then it turned icy...very icy! But we still got to have fun playing with our cousins and watching Hallmark movies. It was a real Christmas miracle that our flight made it out Saturday so we could be back for church on Sunday.

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17 degrees and about 4 inches of ice on the interstate all the way to Dallas! It took us 3 hours!
That was some skilled driving Papaw Racecar!

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