Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Christmas Card Boxes

Our 3rd grader made Christmas card boxes at school and was so excited to teach us how it's done. They turned out so cute and are such a great way to recycle and share the love that I thought I'd share how to make them here. Thanks to his teacher who makes them with her class every year. We used some old cards to make boxes then filled them with candy and handed them out to workers at stores this week with a cheery "Merry Christmas" to you. A fun and inexpensive way to share Jesus' love this season.

Here is how it's done. First, separate the front and back. Take a ruler or straight edge and draw a line (the same width) on all four sides. For the top of the box draw the lines on the back of the FRONT of the card. For the bottom of the box draw the lines on the front or inside of the BACK half of the card. Cut along the lines only on the ends as shown.

Fold the corners and sides along the lines and tape on the inside and corners on the ends. 

Back or bottom of box

Top of box

Finished box about the size of a pocket pack of tissues.

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