Friday, October 18, 2013

Turning Six

Our youngest son wanted a "Mountain Party" for his 6th birthday. I guess having spent most of his life in Louisiana, the mountains of North Carolina are still a bit of a wonder to him.  But this was an easy party. We rented the pavilion at Bakers Mountain and invited his church Sunday School class and his friends from Kindergarten. We went on a scavenger hunt (more like a nature walk on the paved trail), dug for "gold" in the sand treasure box,  made our own trail mix and the trail mix bar, played corn hole, ate hot dogs, chips, and of course cake! We had so much fun, I only got pictures of him blowing out the candle, opening what seemed like a zillion presents, and running around in a superman cape his brother gave him. I hope he will have good memories of his party - especially since I didn't get many pictures.

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