Saturday, December 1, 2012

Free Organized Mom Calendar for 2013

With all of the kids papers from school, homework, my to-do lists, calendar, mail, menu, and more, this is what the corner of our kitchen counter looked like. It quickly became a catch-all location for everything to get thrown down when we come in at the end of the day.  The clutter was driving me crazy! I couldn't find what I needed. My weekly calendar was cluttered with reminders, events, journal, menu, and prayer requests. This was an area of our life that MUST get organized. 

 After finally accepting that our family had outgrown my little 6" x 8.5" weekly/monthly Christian Family Organizer by Amy Knapps I began looking for a new format. After an exhaustive search of every office supply store and online calendar supplier I could find, I decided to make my own. 

I like the weekly/monthly format but I wanted to be able to see both at the same time. I made a one page per week format (which you can print at the bottom of this post) with room for my dinner menu plan at the top of each day and room for prayer requests or notes at the bottom. It has half hour increments each day which allows for room to put down detailed scheduling appointments and reminders. I printed monthly calendar pages from that are both adorable and practical. They have plenty of room to write in events and birthdays, anniversary's  etc. I hole punched the monthly pages on the right hand side so that when it is open I can see the month and the current weekly page at the same time. I decided not to copy my weekly pages double sided so that I have the blank backs of the pages for extra note or journal space for those weeks when I just have more to write. I added a plastic pocket page for all those school reminders, forms to keep or return, jury duty summons, etc. that I need to keep handy. I also added some blank notebook paper in the back for taking notes at meetings, brainstorming ideas for projects, or making more lists (I do love lists!). Finally, I put it all together in a half-inch binder with view cover and some monthly tabs I picked up at the office store. The cover was printed from For Chic Sake where they have several free customized printables. 

So that's it. Now my counter is (mostly) clutter free. And yours can be too. I'm making my calendar format available to you for free so that if by chance I'm not the only mom with too many appointments, school projects, and paperwork to keep up with, you can hopefully get organized too.

Happy New Year Planning to you!

One page weekly format pages in various colors.
Yes, I color coordinated my weekly pages to match the cute monthly pages from imom. Click on the color to print them. You're welcome.

*NEW* Black and White

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