Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Family Christmas ADVENTure

Last year we started the advent tradition with our young boys. We decorated this thing that has 25 small boxes in it and we put things in it that told a Bible story each day. You can read about that here. This year our boys are a little older so we wanted to change it up a bit. Every year we try to make Christmas a memorable and meaningful time where we focus on celebrating the gift of Christ Jesus. This seems to get increasingly more difficult over all the racket in our culture of Santa, elves, and the greedy attitude of what can I get for me. We want our kids to grow up to be generous givers, compassionate  and kind. Humbly understanding the awesome gift of grace given to us by God. With that said, this year we are going on a Family Christmas ADVENTure to discover more about who Christ is. Each day in the month of December we will read from the Bible one of the names of Christ. Then we will do an activity that either helps us think about the meaning of the name or gives us an opportunity to share, give, or serve. I'd like to share this with you for FREE in the hopes that you would make Christ the center of your Christmas too. After all, Jesus is the reason for the season.

Blessings to your family,

Click on the title Family Christmas ADVENTure to download your free PDF copy.

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