Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Exercise Playlist

There has been lots of research on the effects of listening to music while exercising. Some say listening to music while exercising increases muscular ability and makes you exercise longer than if you workout in silence. Others say it decreases your lap speed and heart rate and interferes with form and effective reps. 

No matter what the research says, I find that listening to music while I walk (particularly on the treadmill) makes a workout more enjoyable and seems to help the time pass more quickly. I choose upbeat contemporary christian music that motivates me to "finish the race" so to speak. The problem is I only have about 25 minutes of music on my exercise playlist. I need about one or two more songs to make a full 30 minute walk - which is usually all I can fit in most days of the week. Here's what I have already: 

  • Good Morning (Mandisa & Toby Mac)
  • Brand New Day (Yancy)
  • Me Without You (Toby Mac)
  • God's Not Dead (Newsboys)
  • Shine (Newsboys)
  • The Motions (Matthew West)
  • I Choose Jesus (Moriah Peters)
  • Well Done (Moriah Peters)

Got any suggestions? Leave your favorite workout song suggestion in the comment box below. 


  1. I'm not home yet by Building 429

  2. Don't laugh but I LOVE the Kickin' It Old School cd by Go Fish. My favorite is I'll Fly Away. I started putting this cd on when I am cleaning. It helps me stay energized. =)