Tuesday, August 28, 2012

A dozen things to do with kids when the electricity goes out!

Well, it's that time of year again. Hurricane season. Even though Isaac is currently only a tropical storm, it is a big one which can only mean we can expect days (if not weeks) without electricity. The kids are out of school for at least the next two days. Parents everywhere are dreading the beginning of the "I'm Bored" whine-fest. Prepare now!

Here are some things you can do without electricity to make the time pass more quickly and maybe make some fun memories....

1. Easy-Weave Newsprint Basket Easy Weave newspaper baskets

2. Handprint coloring pages  

3.  Marshmallow Shooters  

4. Make your own goo oobleck-2.jpg 

5. Build a log cabin (or a monster truck garage)

6. Make some no-bake cookies  snacks

7. Have a build your best sundae competition. Use all the stuff that's going to otherwise ruin in your freezer/fridge to make and eat a yummy sundae

8. Play flashlight hide and seek! For younger kids leave flashlights on when hiding, for more of a challege turn the lights off when you find your hiding spot. Have the finder sing "This little light of mine" while searching for hiders.

9. READ stories by candlelight

10. Do your homework! Practice sight or vocabulary words.

11. Make your own fruit snacks (you have to warm the water on the grill if you don't have hot tap water) 

12. Exercise! Use all those canned food provisions to build and tone some muscles.

13. Draw your child's silhouette with the light of a flashlight. Trace with chalk on black paper and then cut out and paste on white paper. 

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