Friday, February 18, 2011

Made to Praise!

We had the privilege to take 61 kids & adults to the Winter Jam concert in Baton Rouge last night. It was a rockin' concert featuring 10 bands such as Newsboys, David Crowder Band, Kutless, Francesca Battistelli, Red, Sidewalk Prophets, Chris August and more. 

What I loved best was not the fancy lights or effects but hearing 7,000 fans singing along to the songs that I sing to in my car on KLOVE and praising Jesus with heart and voice. My Children's Pastor Husband, Stanley, and I took our 5 yr old son to this concert. It was loud, long, and late on a school night but he loved every minute. He was, as his shirt says, "born to rock!" 

Francesca Battistelli sings, "This is the stuff that drives me crazy....but this is the stuff  You use!"

William's favorite part when Newsboys "flew" over the audience and the drummer
turned vertical and spun around while not missing a beat!

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