Monday, July 1, 2013

Simple Joys of Summer

Wow, already a month into summer! So far this summer has been nothing like I planned. You see, on May 31st I coughed and caused a herniated disk in my back just two days before VBS! Crisis in my world, let me tell you. A couple of weeks of terrible pain, muscle relaxers, very limited range of motion, MRI, and then the relief of physical therapy which I am still attending at least once a week to regain strength. I'm doing much better now, but I was panicked that my summer would be ruined by this. I couldn't reach my own feet much less get in the floor to play with my boys. What about my personal trainer aspirations and job shadowing I had planned for the summer? What about the fun day-trips I had planned? What about my preschoolers in Sunday School?

Then one day as I'm laying on a table in awkward stretches complaining privately to God about all this...the still small voice of the Lord said...."Lydia, this is your training!" What? I didn't understand. 

Today, as I sat on my back porch swing listening to the happy sounds of my kids playing in a 2 ft. deep kiddie pool having the time of their lives with one of their best friends, it hit me. I can't be in the pool with them right now, but I am present in the moment with them right now. There have been a lot of moments this summer where I've had to depend on the kids or my husband or friends for help. But there has also been more time for cuddling in a chair reading books or watching a movie together. More of me watching them play and observing their own creativity  unscripted, unplanned by me. 

My eucharisto moment was interrupted by the shouts of my oldest son saying "Where's my tooth!" to which I'm thinking, "did I really just hear what I thought I heard?" I go over to see and he's too busy looking for the lost tooth in the pool to realize his gum is bleeding. I get him out of the pool, his friend proudly finds the lost tooth, everybody's happy. Happy, Happy, Happy in Louisiana today.

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