Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Wrapping up another school year

April and May have been full of adventures for us. The boys played T-ball and coaches pitch baseball with Greenwell Springs Baptist Church. Stanley coached the Orange Crush coach's pitch team and I assisted coaching for the Red Birds T-ball team. After the first game, our oldest son broke his arm falling (pushed by his little brother) out of a swing. It was a small fracture in his wrist but resulted in limited mobility and about five weeks in a splint. Luckily we got the removable one that can come off for bath time. He had a hard time at school but he managed pretty well and endured til the end. He made it to all but two games and helped his Dad coach 1st base and encouraged his teammates from the dugout. The cast came off four days before his 8th birthday.

Both boys had end of year programs at their schools. Such a contrast between the Christian School's David & Goliath program and the public school's African folk tale program. Even still, we were very proud of our boys for their parts in the programs. Little man participated in the church's spring musical put on by the children's choir as well.

 Our little man finished second grade with awards for A/B Honor Roll, Reading Achievement, Champion of Conduct, Excellent Attendance, and Most Improved Boy Student.

Sunshine graduated from Pre-K and received a reading award for being able to read independently. He also had excellent attendance.

After school was out we headed to Georgia for Little Man's birthday and on the second day of our trip Sunshine fell off the monkey bars at Mamaw & Pawpaw's house and broke his wrist. Today he got a hard cast (more indestructible than the velcro) that he will wear for four more weeks. So much for swimming this summer! At least he thinks its cool.

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