Monday, April 1, 2013

Disney Magic – the Highlights

Disney Magic – the Highlights

Saturday – All Aboard!
ª   Adventure’s Away Deck Party at Goofy’s Pool Stage
ª   Visit open house at Oceaneer Lab & Club and Welcome Party
ª   Showtime: Let the Magic Begin in Walt Disney Theater

Sunday – At Sea
ª   Kids swim in Mickey’s Pool & Slide
ª   Kids make Flubber in the Oceaneer Lab and attend Mouseketeer Training in the Oceaneer Club
ª   Mom & Dad attend seminar in Vista Spa Fitness Center
ª   Showtime: Twice Charmed in Walt Disney Theater
ª   Spa Bingo with Grandparents
ª   Hats off to Peter Pan in Oceaneer Club
ª    Cabaret: Bean & Bailey comedy in Rockin’ Bar D (we knew them from when they visited Central Baptist Church in Bearden, TN while we were there – so funny!)

Monday – At Sea
ª   Wake up with Disney Junior in the Promenade Lounge
ª   Oceaneer Lab: Animation Cells, 4th Pigs Pasta Palace, Ratatoullie Cooking School, Eggsperiments
ª   Oceaneer Club: Heffalump Hunting, Little Einstein’s Adventure
ª   Showtime: Mark Nizer (juggler, magician, comedy) in Walt Disney Theater
ª   Swimming in Mickey’s Pool

Tuesday – Grand Cayman
 ª   Seven Mile Beach – sun, cool water, collect coral and shells, eat lunch
ª   Pirate Crafts in Promenade Lounge
ª   Pirates in the Caribbean Party (bad weather so fireworks cancelled and party cut short)

Wednesday – Cozumel
ª   Tour: Mayan ruins and Discovering Mexico museum, lunch, shopping
ª   Story time with Belle
ª   Goofy’s Rock Stars and Guitars dance party
ª   Showtime: Freddy Fusion in Walt Disney Theater
ª   Fireworks and dance party on top deck

Thursday – At Sea
ª   Character Breakfast
ª   Character Dance Party – Lobby Atrium
ª   Showtime: Disney Dreams in Walt Disney Theater
ª   Friendship Rocks Show (our kids sang on stage with Mickey & Friends)
ª   More swimming in Mickey’s Pool

Friday – Farewell for Now
ª   One last family breakfast with Timur and Maria
ª   Disembark & drive home

This is but a brief glimpse at all the fun we had on vacation from the 480+ pictures we made and many more memories.

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