Monday, January 16, 2012

Sight Word Game

Free lightning clipart bolts flashing down.

Practicing list after list of Dolch sight words can be boring and frustrating for both student and parent. Here's a little game to make it more fun for everyone.

Print all the clouds (add your own when you need to add more words). Cut them out and put them all face down like a memory game in random order. The youngest player draws first and if they can say the word they get to keep the card and thus get a point. When a lightening card is drawn that person's word cards must be returned to the table face down to be re-played. You can remove the lightening cards from the game once drawn to make the game faster or for more word practice leave them in and try to remember where they are to avoid drawing them again. The game is over when all of the word cards have been drawn. The fast paced game gets your student reading lightening fast and they don't even realize how many times they've repeated the words. They also learn from hearing you say the words you draw and looking at them.

Enjoy this free printable sight word game!

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