Sunday, November 27, 2011

Christian Christmas

Christmas at our house isn't about elves that spy on you or flying reindeer. It's not about a fat guy coming down the chimney leaving lots of toys in exchange for good behavior and cookies with milk. Our Christmas is a huge celebration of Jesus. We celebrate Jesus' birth, His life, and the death on the cross for which He was born.  We want our kids to know that we owe everything to Him and without Jesus there would be no reason for the season. Yes, we decorate for Christmas and our kids do get presents (more than they need really). As they get older, we do fight the "greed monster" this time of year as they make their wish list. Ultimately, we want them to learn more about the blessing of giving than getting. We want our kids to know that we give because we've been given soooo much because of Jesus. I hope your Christmas season will be filled with the real star of Christmas and that just like the wise men long ago, you will continue to seek Jesus and worship Him.

Nativity picture found at Hobby Lobby

WM Tree

SM Tree

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